Lil D's First Birthday Party Recap I

A year ago this week I was blessed with the birth of our daughter, Daniella S.J. Cruz. In the 12 short months she been in my life, she has totally changed the way I do, feel, and look at everything. She has been the ultimate gift, nothing anyone can give me will ever compare to the euphoric feeling I get when I see her. Lil D has made me realize that having children is indeed a full-time, 24 hour job, but its the best job I will every have. Being a mother has made me become more introspective and tranquil. Took me 30 years to get it together and feel comfortable enough with life to feel 100% prepared for a baby and I am super glad she arrive in our lives when she did. The time was right {and so were the finances}.


Its been a struggle . . .

12 short weeks of maternity leave

Pumping at work twice daily

Not having a good night's rest since October 2010

Regulating my diet to accomodate Lil D's fragile stomach

20 pound weight gain post pregnancy


Last weekend we celebrated Lil D's first birthday with a party at our house. We laughed, played, drank and unwrapped enough clothes to open a small children's boutique. Thank you to all my family and friends for helping to make the day so very special.




These pictures are from Monday, her actual birthday, we went to Cuban Pete's for dinner.

The Cruz's