Adjusting to Having a Little Sister

Since the birth of CC, 11 days to be exact, we have notice a tremendous change in Lil D. A change that resulted in me being in the ER for 4 hours last Wednesday. Lil D obviously loves her little sister, but she loves being the center of attention more. Who knew that a two year old could intensify their tantrums to another level. D returned to work and for two days I had CC and Lil D by myself. Honey, I was not ready! When D is here he acts as a buffer when Lil D wants to sit on my lap right along side of the baby or wants me to constantly pick her up. Without him I got the full arsenal of Lil D's attacks. I feel bad because every hour I had to put her on time out to relax and give me a second to breath. Because the weather is getting warmer, and I purchased the rumble seat for our stroller, we will be having daily walks around the neighborhood and to the park to expel some of Lil D's energy.


Lil D on the way to the party in her polka dot outfit

Lil D got her personalized chef's hat and apron along with a Elmo balloon