Birth Story: Tamika + Baby Mav

When did you know it was time to go to the hospital?

 I went to my weekly check up with my husband and daughter at 1:30 on March 10th, my doctor advised that I appeared to be 4 centimeters but my cervix was still further back so he just told me to go home and we would play it by ear. After the appointment we all went to Panera for lunch then my husband dropped us off at the house and went back to work (this was about 3ish).  I was in the living room with Elle, my 3 year old, and I started having contractions around 5 o’clock so I called my hubby to tell him to come home. In my mind, I kept waiting to feel the exact pain I felt when Elle was born.  This was going to be my guide on when I knew it was time...or at least when my water broke. Well. . . 7 o’clock rolled around,  I was sitting on my exercise ball and we decide it was time. My water hadn't broken but the contractions were progressing.  When I arrived at the hospital which is 7 minutes from our home I was 6 centimeters dilated. 

What did you enjoy most about your birth experience?

The most enjoyable part about my delivery was having family and friends in the room.  It was truly like a big sleepover. Even though you're only supposed to have 4 visitors we managed to have 5 {my husband JoColby, daughter ElleMari, my in-laws, and friend Alex}. Now they all didn't stay when it was time to push, but it was fun laughing and taking pictures with them until I reached 10 centimeters.

Was there anything that didn't go as planned?

Well my delivery didn't go as planned. When I was pregnant with Elle it was perfection. I woke up from contractions, took a shower, water broke, pushed for 2 minutes, and labored for 3 hours in total. This time I was at 8 centimeters from 4am until 1:30pm on March 11th. The doctors advised that Maveric was stuck and he had to get him out so we unfortunately had to have a caesarian.

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Will you be breastfeeding? How long? If not why did you decide to formula feed?

My breast feeding plan is for a month, unfortunately I have to receive infusions for my Rheumatoid Arthritis so I will need to stop breast feeding.  This decision was hard but I have to do what's best for both me and the baby.

In general, did you feel in control during your labor and delivery? Was there a time when you feel this doesn't feel right?

I felt like I was in control up until I had to have the caesarian. I was really looking forward to having a wonderful experience like I did with Elle. 


If you could do it over and plan differently what would you change? Any regrets?

If I could do it all over I would pray for Mav to COME OUT haha, caesarians are the worst! 

Any advice for new mothers?

My advice for new mothers would be to accept any help from family members, be grateful because you will need it and also don't over do it with the pictures! We got suckered into big this photo package for Elle we were so excited she was a month old and we still have pictures that we haven't given away and she's 3!!!  There is no need to break the bank on expensive packages just stay in the middle and if you need additional go from there. 



Tamika thanks so much for sharing your birth journey! Congrats as well!


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