Papito is 5 Months

Today marks the third week of Papito's fifth month. He is teething heavily and using my nipple as a chew toy. He's using his little gums to clamp down on my nipple and it hurts just as much as teeth. Today, I decided to supplement his breast milk with puréed food.


On the menu, baked organic sweet potato, organic garbanzo beans, and breast milk. I debated adding cinnamon, in the end I decided to keep it simple. 


A gift from my Amazon registry was this Foodii brand Kiinde feeding system.  We used to store the puréed mix in super cute single use squeeze bags. With the three potatoes and one can of chick peas I was able to fill 24 4 oz bags.

Now, I have to check Dr. Sebi's Nutrition Guide to see which combos to do next.