19 More Days ...

I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I'm officially on maternity leave, as of Friday. I have been following a strict diet during this pregnancy, which I feel afforded me the strength to work two jobs, manage a busy household, run a business, and co-raise a toddler. Throughout my 37 weeks I have constantly heard, "You don't look {insert number of months} pregnant". People have a hard time understanding that each pregnant person carries differently and I seem to "carry small". So far I am just shy of a 17 pound gain. I don't think I'll go over 20 pounds, as I did with Lil D because of my semi-raw diet {I'll explain this diet in a subsequent post}. In general, I feel great. The pressure in my pelvis and the Braxton Hicks are an annoying reminder of my condition, but I'm managing. At least until BC2 arrives I won't have to climb subway steps, run for trains, and walk NYC blocks. Two weeks ago, at the beginning of my ninth month, I started a regime recommended to me by my doula to aid in an easier labor, I detail it below. 

Formula For An Easier Labor Last Month of Pregnancy

(Alele Davis' Let's Have Healthy Children, Chapter 13)


  1. 2 parts Raspberry Leaf, 1 part Alfalfa and 1 part Comfrey Tones and strengthens the uterus for a shorter labor; Provides nourishment.      2-3 cups daily
  2. Yogurt (acidophilis). Provides Vitatmin K to prevent hemorrhage.      8 ounces daily
  3. Cooked green leafy vegetables. (I prefer raw). Provides Vitamin K to prevent hemorrhage. Daily
  4. Increase Potassium foods-- (i.e., fish, soybeans, fruits, and vegetables). Promotes muscle strength.           Daily
  5. Decrease salt intake.    Daily
  6. Vitamin C (You may use calcium ascorbate powder in juice- 1/2 tsp 4x/day). Prevents perineal and vaginal tears.                    10 grams daily
  7. Vitamin E. Prevents jaundice: promotes tissue elasticity; promotes muscle strength.                  600 Ius daily
  8. Zinc (is in prenatal). Promotes more rapid and efficient labor; promotes tissue elasticity.            10-15 mgs daily 1-2 weeks before due date
  9. B-complex. Protects you from the stress of labor and delivery.                                                       50 mgs twice daily. (once if taking prenatal)
  10. Maintain 80-100 grams of protein daily. {I've been going this mainly by eating legumes, veggies, nuts and seeds, and fruit}
  11. Perineal massage nightly.  {At first this was kinda weird-- but after a 2nd degree tear with Lil D I'm not playing around} Nice resource on how to do this here.


 Onset of Labor


  1. Calcium- 2000 mgs, liquid or powder once in 24 hours. To decrease pain sensitivity.
  2. Vitamin E - 600 Ius repeated every 3 hours. To prevent fetal distress.
  3. Liberal raspberry leaf tea mixture - one cup every hour.



Post Partum


  1. Continue raspberry drink - one cup daily
  2. Decrease  Vitamin C to 2 grams (500 mgs 4x daily)
  3. Continue Vitamin E (400 Ius daily)
  4. Maintain protein intake
  5. Increase calcoric intake
  6. Increase fluids to at least 2 quarts daily. {A must if you are nursing}