How to buy a nursing bra

During your 8th month of pregnancy a woman's breast size will have typically stabilized, so it's time for a nursing bra. Here is a list of how to buy a nursing bra.


  1. Look for cups that expand and contract as your breasts fill up and empty and that open easily (preferably with one hand so you can balance your baby in the other).
  2. Try on the bra and make sure it's not too tight, which can contribute to mastitis, a painful breast infection.
  3. Check to make sure you have adequate support. While underwire bras usually aren't recommended for breastfeeding moms (they can cause blocked milk ducts), many manufacturers use extra-supportive fabrics, especially for full-breasted women.
  4. Buy at least three bras: one for day, one for night, and one to wear while the others are in the laundry. (Fit Pregnancy Magazine, April/May 2006, p. 102) 


The following is a selection of bras found on Fit Pregnancy's 2010 Buyer's Guide.


Bravado Allure Underwire Nursing Bra, $54

The Bravado Allure Underwire Nursing Bra is not only gorgeous, it was designed with the help of lactation consultants to promote breast health. It’s unbelievably comfortable, too—the material is lightweight and breathable.  Although it’s best to wear this bra once breastfeeding is well established (when the baby is about 6 weeks old), the underwire subtly distributes weight to avoid breast tissue constriction, so you don’t have to worry about clogged ducts. Sizes 32D/E–38F/G.

Isabella Oliver’s Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Bra, $69

Isabella Oliver’s Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Bra features soft, stretchy lace that’s incredibly supportive. Even better, it’s lined with soft bamboo fabric for ultimate comfort. Who said nursing can’t be sexy? Available in black/blush or ivory/gold; sizes 32B–38G.


Glamour Mom’s Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top, $42

A built-in nursing bra allows you to wear Glamour Mom’s Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top alone or as an underlayer. Shirring helps hide your “mummy tummy,” and an adjustable chest band and straps support your morphing breasts. Sizes S–XL.