Meeting Abuelo

D's father finally got to meet Lil' D two weeks ago today. He made the journey from Connecticut to take us out to dinner. We ate at the Brasilia Grill in the Ironbound section of Newark-- the all you can eat meat was not bad.


The Cruz Trio. When I look at this picture I see the strength of the Cruz genes.


Updates . . . 

We go to work... well I go to work in two weeks and I am excited and apprehensive all rolled into one. After teaching summer school Lil' D and I have been spending quality time together doing all the things we love-- napping, shopping, and eating. I tried the workout with your baby routine and that worked for all of two days before it got old. I plan to just power walk to and from work beginning September 7. I have to loose this extra 25 pounds by my sister's weeding week. It won't be so hard this way because I am afraid to go on the subway now that we have been experiencing earthquakes.


Unlike most people who work year-round, in our household the end of August/September is the beginning of our busy season. This year particularly, I have four events between September and October between Baltimore and New Jersey. In addition, we will be travelling with D to all of his away games- He is officially the head volleyball coach at St. Peter's College {check it here}.