Birth Story: Kitty + Lil' Z

When did you know it was time to go to the hospital? What happened exactly?

I was dilated for 3 weeks but had no progression so I scheduled an induction for Friday, March 18th. When I called the morning of I was told there were no beds available and I would have to come at a later time. Three hours later my labor started to progress naturally. I went to the Mall of America and walked for two hours to help smooth the labor. Once I was done walking I went to the hospital and was admitted.

What did you enjoy most about your birth experience?

I enjoyed having my family and friends present. 


Was there anything that didn't go as planned?

  Yes, after 14 hours of labor and being 8 cms dilated my son rotated his position and was breech. I had to have a C-section birth. A natural birth was planned. Prior to being told I needed to have a C-section I had not received any pain medication and was planning to deliver with no drugs. 


Will you be breastfeeding? How long? If not why did you decide to formula feed?

Yes I am currently breastfeeding. I supplement with formula at times now that he is attending daycare. I plan to nurse him until he no longer is interested. 


If you could do it over and plan differently what would you change? Any regrets?

I wouldn't change anything about this birthing experience. The C-section was actually easier than laboring and pushing. I enjoyed the quick in/out and the pain meds were instant. I bounced back immediately and was able to walk the next day with very minimal pain. 


Any advice for new mothers?
I would encourage all new mothers to document their baby with tons of photos and enjoy every moment of having a new baby. It is a great experience and a way to fall in love all over again.


Kitty thank you so very much for sharing your birthing experience!! God bless your family!