Car Seat Decision Made

This evening D and I ventured out to BuyBuyBaby to purchase an infant car seat. The original plan was to purchase a Graco Snugride 35, but upon closer inspection I realized it's not really well made (well compared to the one we purchased. Armed with a 20% off coupon and the pressing need to purchase one today we selected the Chicco- Key Fit 30 Infant Seat and Base in Fuego.



Fuego colors 


The seat was priced at $179.99 minus $36.00 (20%), we paid $143.99. Not bad! D also got to see and test out the UPPABaby Vista stroller. Of course, he likes the Stokke Xplory better, but I reminded him it would not work for us, especially when we plan to have more children . . . SOON. The Vista may be used for up to 3 kids. We have to think about the next 4 years and not just the immediate future.



Today is 37 weeks and 2 days and the pressure in my pelvis is NO joke. For someone that is used to walking 20 NYC blocks 5 days a week, I can't even walk a half a block without feeling like my lung are not operable and having Braxton Hicks that stunt me. Oh the joys of the third trimester.