Hired a Doula

After weeks of agonizing over whether or not to hire a Doula I decided to go ahead and do it. For my sanity, to facilitate my natural birth, and to be an added support in dealing with my technocratic doctor. What's a doula you ask? Well a doula is typically a woman who provides non-medical support during labour and birth, and also the postpartum period. The person we hired is Lynn Christensen, CD, CLC, LCCE of Labour Day Doula Support. D and I had our first prenatal meeting with her last Monday. It went well, D was able to voice his reservations with having an additional support person, and Lynn was able to provide us with a lot of invaluable information that will help once I go into labour. We have our second prenatal appointment this Monday. Can't wait!


For more information on Doulas check out these sources: DONA + Childbirth International