Lil' D's First Easter Weekend

This was an eventful weekend. We baptised Lil' D on Resurrection Sunday. We decided not to have godparents for her and just keep everything to a minimum. There are a host of individuals we considered for the role, but because we couldn't make a final decision we 86 the whole thing.

It was nice having uninterrupted sleep for a few days. I pumped and Lil' D was passed around between her grandparents and aunties. It was nice. 

Chilling in the kitchen waiting for everyone to get dressed

 Rev. Dred Scott and Lil' D

Getting a touch of Holy Water on her forehead

 All done . . .

 Our post church photo shootLil' D + I  at the park

First time I wore a Spanx. It was very comfortable. Now I wish I could find one for my breasts. 

My skin looks like it regurgitated. I feel like I'm back in ninth grade. Ummm . . . might need to get some Proactiv.

Lil' D + her Papi

After a wardrobe change . . . she spent a lot of time this weekend in quiet alertness. She was fascinated by the various voices, smells, and faces.

Lil' D got to meet a lot of important people this week. Her Uncle Richie and Uncle Corwin came to see her and she was full of smiles.

 Back in New Jersey.

Lil' D + I 

My hair didn't last the weekend. In my haste to beat traffic on I-95 I didn't have my lady blow my hair all the way out {just the roots}. Being totally natural is rough in the humid weather. I'm thinking about just wearing it wash-and-go curly from now on. I purchased DevaCurl products a while back, it time to lay off the heat.