Lil' D is One Month Today!

It's 1:28 a.m. and I am taking a break from editing a paper for D. Lil' D is lying on my chest knocked out. In a little less than 12 hours she will be one month old. Time truly does fly! Yesterday she and I did a little shopping. We went to Conway (I needed a cheap girdle), Walmart (needed Rx sunglasses, diapers, and iron tablets), Home Goods (I'm redecorating my bedroom), and TJ Maxx (I'm a Maxxinista and I purchased two dresses for back to work). As I was spending money I had thoughts of day care and the hard decision we are going to have to make in September.

I want an Au Pair, D says he doesn't want a stranger in "his" house. I want a language immersion day care center, he says it's too much, we can buy a Benz with that money. I am frustrated. Shit this seems harder than when I chose a college. The decision will come down to three simple things:


  1. Money -- Paying $450 a week for someone to change a diaper, feed, and pick up our baby is ridiculous. For D any price more than $150 a week is too much. I agree with him for now. Once Lil' D gets to be 2 she is getting enrolled in an immersion school. This is a non-negotiable, she has to learn Castilian Spanish. I also want her to learn Chinese (yeah I know random, but not really Chinese, Spanish, and English are the languages to know).
  2. Convenience -- I work in Manhattan, D works in Paterson. I leave for work at 6:30, D 7:30 in the morning. D works 3-4 jobs (yeah a true Jamaican- LOL!). We have to strategically plan how and who will drop off and pick up Lil' D. Do we want a place near D's job or in the City near me? 
  3. Reputation -- The few places I have looked into have excellent reputations. With these reputations comes a big price tag.

 Decisions . . . Decisions.

 I'm glad I have 12 weeks of maternity leave plus the summer break. Otherwise this child care decision would have to be a hasty decision. I feel some kind a way when I go to a hood store and have to check my bag. Imagine how I feel having to entrust my most prized possession with a stranger. D is totally vexed. He said to me last week and again last night, "Why can't you be a stay at home mom?". 


Hell to the NO! The three weeks I stayed in the house per our pediatrician's recommendation was torture. She had the nerve to say 2 months-- what she smoking on? Not being able to go to Manhattan on a daily basis, no sample sales, no daily walks through Time Square, no Macy's. Nope not willing to do. Sorry Lil D- I promise I will find the perfect day care provider. I hope . . .