Birth Story: Kendra + Baby Kourtney


My childbirth experience was a really fast and exciting one. I was thirty eight weeks when my little one decided it was time to enter the world. Kourtney Nicole was due on March 18th but was born on March 8th, ten days early. What’s funny is that her original due date was March 8th but when the ultrasound was done, they pushed it back ten days to the 18th. I am a registered nurse which meant a lot of walking, lifting and pushing during my 12-hour shifts, all of which contributed to my speedy delivery.


The Details

I was at work the day I went into labor. Yes, I was determined to work all the way through my pregnancy. I already have one child, a seven year old little girl, so when I felt that first contraction I knew instantly it was time. Even though I worked at a very reputable hospital with an excellent labor and delivery unit, I chose to deliver at another hospital because it was closer to home. That plan immediately went through the window as the pain became unbearable. 

My co-workers were so excited that I went into labor while at work. They were very supportive even escorting me to the labor and delivery unit. Upon being admitted to L&D, the nurse assigned to me did the routine exam and discovered that I was 7 cm dilated!! She immediately called for the resident and wheeled me to the delivery room. I remembered her saying, “We need to hurry because this baby is going to be here any minute”. The pain was really bad and the only thing on my mind was, where is anesthesia, I’m going to need an epidural! The resident and attending physician tried to coax me into a natural delivery, I declined, I was determined to get an epidural. Unfortunately, my wish did not come through. As soon as anesthesia arrived, I had a sudden urge to bear down, my water broke, and I was being told to start pushing. I was in a state of shock, everything was happening so fast, the doctor didn’t even have time to “gown up” and the pain became more unbearable. 

The nurses along with the anesthesiologist were holding my legs and coaching me to breathe, four pushes later, I heard the cries of my new baby girl. My fiancée missed the delivery because it was so quick. I was in labor for only 1 hour and 13 minutes. He was able to cut the cord though. I immediately started sobbing, I think I was relieved that she made it out safely and that the pain disappeared.

In retrospect, the birthing experience was a pretty good one. The medical/nursing staff was awesome and met all of my needs.

Baby Kourtney is currently 6 weeks old. I am breast and bottle feeding. Originally my plan was to breastfeed exclusively, however my colostrum didn’t “come in” until 2 days after I gave birth so I had to supplement with formula. When my milk finally came in, it was not enough so I continued supplementing with formula. My milk supply is still not where I would like it to be so needless to say you will find Similac in my cupboards. 

Being a mother is no easy task, especially to a newborn. The biggest advice I would give to new mothers is to take all the help offered from close family and friends who have experience taking care of a baby. Don’t try to be superwoman, forget about pride, say yes to help! It’s important to get a lot of rest and “me” time, the dishes, laundry etc are no longer a priority


Thank you Kendra for sharing. I loved reading your story. God Bless you family. When I'm in town Lil' D and Lil' K can have play dates. :-)